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Surviving, Thriving and Skydiving 


Jacqueline Beale 
C2JB Consulting

Breast Cancer Survivor

Kristen Berset-Harris  

Breast Cancer Survivor


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join us as we “jump” to help raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

Celebrating survivors, patients and caregivers. Remembering loved ones

A “pink” day filled with survivors, patients, caregivers, family and friends.

October 16, 2022

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To reserve your spot now, there are three ways to register: 

  1. Call Skydive Orange at 703-759-3483 and tell them you are part of the “Turning the Sky Pink (TTSP) Group”.   

  2. You can also register online at and make sure to put
    “Turning the Sky Pink” or “TTSP” in the notes section. 


  3. Complete the Google Form

$50 non-refundable deposit required. Total cost of jump depends upon the package you purchase. For details, rates, restrictions, weather policy and additional information,  please visit

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Here's How You Can Help

Breast Cancer Research Donor - $2,500 Sponsor 5 People to Skydive – Logo Recognition
at Event, Website and Facebook Page


Pink Ribbon Donor - $1,500  
Sponsor Lunch for “Turning the Sky Pink” Skydivers and Attendees –Logo Recognition at Event and Website 

October Parachute Donor - $1,000 Sponsor T-Shirts for Skydivers, Family and Friends Logo Recognition on T-Shirt and Website 

Turning the Sky Pink Donor - $500 Sponsor a Survivor Skydiver (includes video and photos) 

Please contact Kristen or Jacqueline

Join Jacqueline and Kristen in supporting two amazing organizations helping to improve and save lives.  Please donate directly to the organizations.

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